Honda FK2 Turbo Tube V3

Some photos show our optional engine cover.

Performance Gain : 9hp, 9ft-lb peak, 15hp 18ft-lb under 4k rpm

Introducing our updated Carbon Turbo Tube for the FK2 which is now even larger in volume, allowing the turbo to function with even less restriction and therefore unleashing even more power. Our turbo tube was designed with these 3 key objectives:

1) VOLUME : Inlet Diameters – Eventuri 78mm at the intake end, increasing to 88mm VS Stock 63mm. Starting at the connection to the intake system, we have matched the MAF tube diameter and this now increases to 88mm through the main section of the tube giving an increase in cross sectional area of 96% compared to the OEM tube. Clearly with significantly larger internal diameter sizes, the Eventuri tube encapsulates a much larger internal volume which de-restricts the flow path to the turbo. This allows the turbo to operate more efficiently and spool up to peak boost levels faster. It also allows the turbo to operate at peak boost with less turbine loading.

2) FLOW QUALITY : Having just a large internal volume is no good unless the flow path also allows for smooth airflow to the turbo. By using high temperature Prepreg Carbon Fiber we have managed to achieve a smooth internal surface. In contrast, the stock inlet tube is made from cast aluminium which ends up with a rough internal surface. This coupled with the smooth curvature of the elbow results in a flow path which minimises turbulence.

3) TEMPERATURE : The final criteria was to minimise the conduction of heat into the airflow. The stock inlet is directly connected to the turbo and so immediately conducts heat as the turbo spools. Our system uses a machined flange which connects to the turbo and then a silicon coupler with an integrated thermal spacer to keep the carbon elbow from having direct contact with the turbo. This barrier coupled with the low through-thickness thermal conductivity of carbon fiber results in less heat being transferred to the airflow.

This turbo tube has been designed to fit our FK2 intake with the carbon MAF tube.

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Dyno Testing

Our new Turbo Tube was independently tested at Dream Automotive on an FK8 with stage 1 mapping. All runs had the same map and our intake system nd were done on the same day, back to back. The OEM tube was tested to set a baseline and then changed to the V1 tube. This showed a 4hp increase at the peak RPM as expected. We then changed it to the new V3 tube and a further 5hp was gained over the V1 tube at the peak, which equates to 9hp over the OEM tube. This is around double the power gained in comparison to the previous version. Since the volume is larger, we expect even more gains with high power builds demanding where the turbo demands more airflow.

Dyno Testing Previous Version

The above tests build on our testing carried out previously for the V1 tube:

Our carbon elbow has been extensively tested on the road and on the dyno. We tested a fully tuned stage 2 FK2 and also a fully stock FK8. The tuned FK2 had stage 2 software, downpipe, exhaust, intake and methanol. At this level of tune the stock tube presents a restriction and so our larger tube allowed the engine to achieve more power all the way through the RPM range. We also tested a fully stock FK8 and although the OEM tube doesn't present a restriction at this power level, the results show that the turbo still benefits from the larger tube since it is able to spool up faster and achieve peak boost earlier hence the gains under 4k rpm. The results show that the higher the demand from the turbo, the more benefit there is in using our carbon turbo inlet tube. Tests were done on the same day back to back with the hood closed and ambient temperatures were monitored for consistency. Several runs were carried out for each configuration to get a repeatable result.

Part Numbers:
  • EVE-FK2V3-CF-CHG : FK2 Carbon Turbo Tube V3
  • EVE-FK2V3-CHG-UPG : FK2 Carbon Turbo Tube V3 - Tube only upgrade for V1/V2 tube owners

The Eventuri FK2 Carbon Turbo Tube consists of a number of components engineered to perform a specific purpose and fabricated to the highest of standards. We use 100% pre-preg carbon fiber with no fibreglass which means we can achieve a smooth internal surface to maintain smoother airflow. Here are the details for each component and the design ethos behind them:

Each Turbo Tube Set consists of:
  • Carbon Fiber Turbo Tube
  • Optional Carbon V2 MAF tube (if required)
  • Custom Silicon Joiner at intake side
  • CNC Machined Turbo Flange
  • Honda T-Mod kit
  • Custom Silicon Coupler at Turbo Side
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Brackets
  • Anti-Vibration Mount

Carbon Fiber Turbo Tube

Crafted from Prepreg Carbon Fiber, the Turbo Tube is a one-piece design to maintain a smooth flow path to the turbo. It has an inlet diameter of 78mm internally which matches the MAF tube section and maintains this size for the majority of its length then smoothly tapering down to the stock turbo inlet. The stock turbo tube in comparison only has an internal diameter of 63mm. This difference in size equates to an increase in cross sectional area of over 53%. Furthermore, since it is made from Carbon, it has a much lower weight and lower thermal conductivity across the wall thickness than the stock cast aluminium tube.

Custom Silicon Hoses

Our silicon joiner hoses have been made to ensure a perfect fit and also to maintain smooth internal airflow. The main silicon hose at the inlet side has an internal step which mates against the turbo tube thus eliminating the potential of turbulence against the exposed wall thickness of the tube. The turbo coupler has a silicon spacer ring which separates the carbon from the metal turbo flange. This acts as a thermal barrier to reduce heat conduction from the hot turbo flange through to the carbon tube.

CNC Machined Turbo Flange

CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminium and anodised, our flange provides a perfect fitment and seal against the stock turbo.

Fitment And Options

The Carbon Turbo Tube will only fit with our FK2 intake which has the V2 carbon MAF tube. If you require this extra tube please order it separately with part number: EVE-FK2-CF-MAF.

Please download the guide here.

Download Installation Guide

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