BMW S62 Plenum lid

Prepreg S62 Carbon Fiber Plenum Lid

*M Badge and M Power strip not included
*Some images show our optional Carbon intake.

Introducing our S62 Carbon Fiber Plenum Lid. Made from 100% prepreg carbon fiber, this lid is a direct replacement of the stock plastic version and unleashes sound of the of the BMW S62 V8 engine. Although there isn’t a performance gain, the induction sound generated enhances the driving experience of the M5/Z8 to a whole new level. At low RPMs there is a deep resonating tone which increases in pitch with acceleration. At higher RPMs the lid gives the E39 M5 an almost CSL like sound and is truly an intoxicating experience. We went through several iterations using different carbon thicknesses to fine tune the sound and the resulting plenum generates a significant increase in volume with a more melodious induction sound.

This plenum can be used with the OEM airbox or any aftermarket intake system. Our own additional E39 M5 intake system provides a genuine performance gain and can be found HERE.

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Part Numbers:
  • EVE-S62-CF-PLM : BMW S62 Carbon Plenum Lid

The Eventuri S62 carbon plenum lid is crafted from 100% prepreg carbon fiber and has a number of design features which contribute to its form and function:

Each Plenum consists of:
  • Carbon Fiber Lid Construction with Varying Thicknesses
  • Secondary Carbon Fiber Sealing Frame
  • CNC Machined Strengthening Mounts and Spacers

Sound comparison: Stock Lid + Eventuri Intakes VS Eventuri Lid + Eventuri Intakes



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