BMW F90 M5 Turbo Inlets

Acceleration Time : 60-130mph Reduced By 0.12 seconds

*Some photos show our optional F90 M5 Intake system available separately.
Fitment for F90 M5, F92 M8, also fits with stock airboxes.

Presenting the perfect addition to our F90 M5 intake system to optimise the flow path all the way to the turbos. Our carbon inlets have a larger volume than the stock inlets by maintaining a larger diameter all the way to the turbos. The stock inlets narrow down immediately after the connection to the intake which creates a restriction especially at higher boost levels. We have alleviated this restriction and also designed the curvature to be as smooth as possible allowing the turbos to reach peak boost sooner.

During development we also tested inlets with larger openings and redesigned the intake to have an oversized connection to the inlets. However, tests showed no further benefit and so we proceeded with this version, which allows our current intake to be used without any modification while producing the best performance gains.

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The intake was tested on the road using Dragy to record the acceleration from 60-130mph . Testing was carried out on the same stretch of road and on the same day to keep the variables minimum. Results show that with just the inlets added the acceleration times from 60-130mph reduced by 0.12 seconds which is a significant improvement at such speeds.

Part Number:
  • EVE-F9XM5M8-CHG : BMW F90 M5, F92 M8 Carbon Turbo Inlets

The Eventuri F90 M5 inlets are manufactured from high temperature prepreg carbon fiber and come assembled with a number of other components engineered to perform a specific purpose and fabricated to the highest of standards.

Each inlet inlet set consists of:
  • Prepreg Carbon Inlet Pair
  • CNC Machined Turbo Flanges
  • CNC Machined Breather Valve Assembly


During development we designed 2 versions for comparison. One set to be used with our current intake and also the stock airboxes and another set with larger openings to be used with an oversized intake system. Both designs were prototyped and tested on high powered F90 M5's. The results showed that the gains between both sets were the same and so we moved forward with the inlets which could also be used with our current intake system. The diagram shows the 2 designs which were developed.


The performance gains are produced from providing the turbos with a less resistive flow path which allows them to reach peak boost sooner in the RPM range. When comparing to the stock inlets the differences are clear to see. Where the stock tubes narrow down immediately after the connection to the intakes, our tubes maintain a larger diameter and the reduction to the stock turbos is achieved with an internal radius on the machined flanges. This allows for larger volume whilst maintaining a smooth flow path. One of the drawbacks of the oversized inlets was the more aggressive reduction in size to match the stock turbos which created some flow constraints.


Please download the guide here.

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